Khichdi Season 3 is the third season of the popular sitcom cult television series or franchise Khichdi debuted in the year of 2002 on Doordarshan channel. The series Khichdi later has been aired inbetween 2005 to 2006 as second season titled Instant Khichdi. Also Khichdi: A movie released in 2010 which did great on the box-office as well as appreciated by audience and Khichdi fans. Now the third season has back with the finite number of series as only 52 episodes will be aired on the Star Plus. The show features the very well-known cast of Khichdi as JD Majethia, Anang Desai, Supriya Pathak, Vandana Pathak and Rajeev Mehta in primary roles. JD Majethia is producing the series as well where the first season was made under the production house UTV Software Communications along with Hats off Productions. The show has released its first premier episode on 14th April, 2018 where the show airs on the Star Plus every Saturday and Sunday as on weekends at 8 pm. Other cast like Amit Verma, Kamlesh Oza, Gireesh Sahdev, Seema Pandey, Arya Rawal and Sweety Nayak also has been part of the comedy television franchise. The show is written as well as directed by Aatish Kapadia and produced under the banner name UTV.